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Ben Pye

Shortboard surfer, Sup surfer, Sup Racer, Windsurfer, Kitesurfer, Winger and Foiler, Ben has a wealth of watersports experience despite still only in his early 20`s.

On the Starboard Team since he was 15, he has been on more podiums than we have had hot dinners, Sup surfing and Sup racing. 

Although a junior he chose to race in the men`s categories and has competed nationally and  internationally, his last event the ISA Worlds in China.

Although now using his raceboards for fitness training, he is concentrating on Wing racing and downwind and surf foiling and has a lot of knowledge when it come to choosing foiling and Wingfoiling equipment. You're welcome to contact him if you have any questions or are looking for advice.

He uses Starboard foils,Starboard Wingboards, Starboard surf sups including the Pro and Spice.

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