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Starboard Ace Foil Inflatable board.

The popular Ace Foil board has been incorporated into the inflatable range for the most compact and travel-convenient SUP downwind foiling experience.

The Ace Air Foil features our patented top plate design for direct flight responsiveness and ultimate rider sensation when on foil. We’ve also upgraded it to the carbon plate, which is up to 2.4kg lighter than its aluminium predecessor.

This board is also a fantastic crossover board for wingfoiling, both in the low and the high end. The board’s high nose and tail rocker combined with the narrow yet long outlines result in easy and early takeoffs and forgiving touchdowns.

The Ace Air Foil range features 2 sizes from 100 to 120 litres which cover diverse rider sizes, skill and condition requirements.

Only available in a Carbon top plate version to maximize the lightweight performance of the range.

Starboard Ace Airfoil

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