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Starboard Glider Foils, new for 2024.

Glider 2 2000, 1700, 1400: absolutely amazing wings for efficient lightwind wing foiling, pump foiling and riding baby bumps. 1100, 900, 750: smaller sizes add manoeuvrability, control and speed to that same concept of efficiency foiling.

The smaller Glider 2 took 2nd and 3rd at the GWA Cape Verde Wave event with Benoit Carpentier and Zane Schweitzer and Steven VanBroekhoven pump-foiled the new Glider 2 2000 continuously for over 20 minutes. The Glider 2 is a favourite with the Starboard team for their efficiency and versatility.

This year brings improvements to both the Glider 2's top end speed and manoeuvrability, without losing any of the low end power or the sheer efficiency that made the Glider series famous. To achieve this, the front view went from flat to a very gentle moustache shape. This moustache front view has a shallow mono-concave in the centre section and gently raising wing tips.

The mono-concave boosts take-off power, while the gently raising wing tips allow seamless breaches without ventilation: you won't even feel the wing tips have breached the surface, letting you maintain total control. Thinned wing tips reduce drag generated from tip-vortices and to reduce the pressure difference between the upper and lower surfaces, enabling that magical seamless tip-breaching effect. Thinner tips also improve maneuverability when the tips travels at higher speeds than the centre section.

The all-new Glider 2 1700 boasts all the above upgrades plus a much higher aspect ratio, greatly boosting its overall efficiency when compared to the model it replaces.

Another welcome addition is the new Glider 2 2000 is now also available - an incredible machine to make paddle-up and pump-foiling as easy as possible, with incredible glide.

All Glider 2 wing sets are paired with the stunningly efficient PRO 180 tail pieces, all one-piece fuselage and tail for minimal drag.

Starboard Glider Foil V2 2000 wing set

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