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Starboard Go 9.6”x 31” Pink 155 Litres

The 9’6” x 31″ GO Surf was designed for lighter riders and especially for women up to 95kg, offering a board that’s lighter to carry, has good glide and stability, and yet is totally nimble and responsive to turn in the waves.


The design of this model drew reference on other much loved Starboard designs, scaling down an Avanti outline, as well as using the rails and bottom shape of the popular Wedge range.

At 31” wide, the outline and flat deck gives solid stability to paddle at ease, yet the pulled in tail and thin rails make it very responsive to manoeuvre through turns.

The length gets into waves early and is fast to paddle back out to the sets, while still agile to swing the nose around in classic longboard style. For those looking for a board that can cruise, surf and is easy to transport, the GO Surf ticks all those boxes.

Starboard Go Surf Pink 9.6”x 31”

£1,199.00 Regular Price
£999.00Sale Price
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