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Starboard Wingfoil Package, Board and Foil. Beginners wingfoil package, Starboard 2024 2000 Foil and Starboard Wingboard 6.3"x 28.5" Lite Tech. 115 litres.

The Wingboard range takes design inspiration from Starboard's high-performance SUP foil boards and Olympic class Windsurf foil boards – combining the speed and efficiency of foiling with the power of the wind. The aim of the Wingboard is to give maximum performance in a small size while catering for the rider's level, from beginner to expert. The volume in the nose of these boards makes recovery from touch-downs incredibly easy, accelerating a rider's wing foiling progression massively.

S-Type 2000 Glass

The S-Type 2000 is Starboard's easiest foil ever, proving popular for very easy take offs, easy flight and easy manoeuvres. The extra thick wing profile makes foiling easier than ever: think maximum stability, plenty of lift and a stall-free flight at low speeds, with the downward-facing wing tips adding extra traction while rounded tips make foiling super safe.With the glass front and tail wings, the complete set is the most affordable way to begin foiling on the super-fast assembly QuickLock 2 platform. mast Length 72cm.

Starboard Wingfoil Package, Board and Foil.

£1,999.00 Regular Price
£1,499.00Sale Price
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