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APP World Tour


 Steve spent his youth living in Cornwall and shortboard surfing. He then headed north and worked in North Devon for most of his life, with his parents living in Croyde and within walking distance of the beach the sea became a big part of his life which led to winters spent around the world chasing waves and wind.

Windsurfing, kitesurfing, paddle boarding and now foiling keep the stoke going. 

He has competed at National and International  level and has a wealth of experience when it comes to advising with equipment choice, whether it is a raceboard, surf sup, wingboard or foil.

Steve`s current board quiver is Starboard Ace for downwinding, Starboard Allstar and Gen R for racing and allround paddling, 5.2" Starboard Wingboard,  Starboard Surf Sups,  Starboard Spice,

9.0" Longboard, 10.0"x 29" Longboard, he has been using the Starboard Ace foil for sometime for downwinding with a paddle and lightwind winging.

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