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The 2019 Starboard Longboard 10 x 29”

So Ben and i had the use of a couple of the 2019 Starboard Longboards over the weekend which coincided with great weather and waves here at Saunton Sands in the uk.

What a great board, with 123 litres spread over 10 x 29” it has rails more akin to a surf board than a sup.

With wave size around head high and not the easiest to paddle into it was perfect conditions to try this long awaited board. So many plus’s to this board and each session we used it we found more. With a lot of speed on some of the drops the thin rails held in fine and the speed was easy to convert into turns which for both of us use to smaller sups was a great help.

At 74 kg i thought 10 ft might be too big for me and the 9ft was the way to go, have not tried the 9ft yet but i was surprised to think, i would stick with the 10.

A great board and what ever your riding you feel this is a must for the quiver.

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