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Freewing Go 2024.

The FreeWing GO has a pioneering, ultra compact geometry, great for getting started in winging and great for progression to more advanced wingfoiling manoeuvres.

With its short, tucked wingtips, this wing makes it easy to use for wing foiling beginners and advanced riders alike. Say goodbye to wingtips catching during learning sessions, gybing maneuvers, or executing advanced water starts and rotations. The short wingtips also enhance the ease of use when not foiling or on snow, ice, with skateboards and land boards.

The large center strut connection combined with a new gradient load leading-edge sets up a solid anchor point for creating a rigid, responsive airframe. This enhances rider responsiveness and feedback to input, getting you up and going earlier, despite a relatively lower aspect ratio. The wind range is huge as it’s such an easy wing to control over powered.

The large, Firm Flex Tech handles are easy to grab, while the windows are positioned for maximum visibility — important for rider safety.

With the size range from 2.5m – 6.5m, you can enjoy winging any day in all conditions from 8 knots to 40+ knots.

Freewing Go 2024

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