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Freewing Pro, The PRO is our finest-tuned performance wing for wingfoil racing but is still fantastically easy to use for the everyday rider looking to go fast.

The taught X-ply canopy combined with a super rigid Ho’okipa airframe generates the most efficient, direct transfer of energy giving the PRO incredible low-end power, rapid acceleration and maximum top-end speed. The PRO also features an increased aspect ratio generating a more efficient wing, delivering more power in all conditions.

It’s our most advanced wing yet

The PRO canopy is built using the super tough & low-stretch X-ply technology. X-ply is the latest development in our quest to improve wing performance through superior materials.
X-ply is a composite material that has 20.5x less bias distortion compared to regular canopy materials – meaning it has minimal stretch or warp and therefore significantly reduces wing deformation. This high-strength composite also has a 6x higher total failure tolerance under extreme load versus traditional composite materials used in wing canopies.
X-ply creates a durable, taught and fast wing canopy that doesn’t stretch over its lifetime and is extra locked in for racing. The X-ply material is designed for impact, so it is able to take on a beating from boards and foils which normally would destroy a canopy.

Developed in conjection with Challenge Sailcloth, Ho’okipa™ is a unique composite built with a reliable woven structure, supercharged through Ultra-PE fibres, which are 32x stronger than polyester at the same weight. This tensile strength allows a Ho’okipa™ leading edge & strut to be inflated to significantly higher pressures, creating a wing that is lighter and more responsive than anything else on the market.
The high-pressure leading edge has a reduced diameter for minimum drag and higher speeds.

Freewing Pro

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