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Starboard Gen R, The All New Race board from Starboard, we have been paddling the  Starboard Gen R here for a while at Sup North Devon and love it.

  The Gen R is fast, stable for it`s size and great  to paddle, the wide tail makes it easy in buoy turns and the flatter rocker line makes it super fast, we think a great allround race board, perfect for all UK race conditions.

The Gen-R is a key model for surf racing and all round paddling. The slightly recessed deck has been optimized to have great stability while easy-to-use when beach starting and getting back on the board. Lower rail height and reduced nose thickness is a much requested feature (especially from our lighter riders) for technical races, buoy turning and easy handling in choppy conditions.


The Gen-R is a great fit between the flat water Sprint model and open ocean/all round All Star model. Additionally, youth riders will love this board for its speed and ease of use.

Starboard Gen R, Blue Carbon 2024.

  • 14'0" x 29" 14'0" x 27" 14'0" x 25" 14'0" x 23" 14'0" x 21.5"
    Rider Weight Up to 120kg Up to 110kg Up to 100kg Up to 90kg Up to 80kg
    Length 14'0" / 426.7 cm 14'0" / 426.7 cm 14'0" / 426.7 cm 14'0" / 426.7 cm 14'0" / 426.7 cm
    Width 29" / 73.7 cm 27" / 68.6 cm 25" / 63.5cm 23" / 58.4 cm 21.5" / 54.6 cm
    Thickness 9.5" / 24.1 cm 9.6" / 24.3 cm 9.4" / 23.8 cm 9.4" / 23.8 cm 9.6" / 24.3 cm
    Tail Width 16.6" / 42.2 cm 16.4" / 41.7 cm 15.5" / 39.3 cm 15.0" / 38.9 cm 14.7" / 37.4 cm
    Volume 356 L 337 L 317 L 296 L 282 L
    Fin Set Up Single Single Single Single Single
    Fins Flash+ Flash+ Flash Flash Flash
    Weight Blue Carbon: 14.8 kg (Est.) Blue Carbon Sandwich: 13.0 kg (Est.)
    Blue Carbon: 14.0 kg (Est.)
    Blue Carbon Sandwich: 12.6 kg (Est.)
    Blue Carbon: 13.2 kg (Est.)
    Blue Carbon Sandwich: 11.6 kg (Est.)
    Blue Carbon: 13.1 kg (Est.)
    Blue Carbon Sandwich: 

    The low nose rocker and narrow nose outline help increase the acceleration and overall efficiency on flat. This acceleration is essential for tech racing, beach starts and explosive sprints after buoy turns.


    The wider tail outline combined with the flat deck makes it very comfortable to move and be stable during the turn.



    The narrow outline in the tip of the nose is intended to slice efficiently in flat water as well as on ocean bumps. The lower nose rocker shares genetics with the Sprint, extending the waterline for faster acceleration and prolonged glide. Although the low nose rocker aids in early bump detection, the rider must move back to trim while riding bumps.



    The nose volume is designed to take on medium ocean chop and perform in technical racing, surf, and flat water. It is generally thinner than the All Star by approximately 4cm in thickness.



    The deck has been designed to have a slightly lowered standing tray for stability. At the same time, the side walls are low, making beach starts and getting back on the board much easier.



    The soft, round rails run the entire length of the board. This allows the board to be balanced in chop and predictable in surf and downwind. The round rails are wide for stability and balance.



    The best bottom shape for a range of conditions, the flat bottom is fast in anything from surf to sprints. The flat bottom is very predictable to control in flat and ocean chop.



    Features a wide tail with a sharp release. Turning is super easy on this model, and the wide tail also gives you great control in the surf.



    The single center drain hole allows water from the semi-recessed deck to fully drain. Although hardly any water sits on the deck while paddling, the single center drain hole funnels excess water out of the cockpit. The recessed carbon scupper minimises any drag for a clean release.



    The Gen-R is the technical/beach race specialist. Handles are modular with our screw in system to fine tune handle positioning.


    NEW 10” FIN BOX

    The Gen-R is our first race model to feature the 10” fin box to fine tune rider fin preference. We have fitted the Gen-R with a larger box for adjustability. Short course racing would benefit from a fin further forward for fast turning, while longer races suit a fin further back in the box. Box placement varies for downwinding as some riders may prefer less or more tracking when surfing bumps.



    One of the key design criteria for the Gen-R was the light weight, thinner profile technical race board. This much anticipated model is built to be a thinner model for faster acceleration, easy beach starting and great performance in surf and around buoy turns. The thinner profile also helps keep control in side wind and side chop.



    Ensures a dry ride for your gear/ equipment/ luggage. Available in 14’0″ x 27″ and 14’0″ x29″



    The 3k pre-impregnated carbon biax is an ultra-lightweight weave and creates super stiff performance throughout the fin. The trailing edge features a super sharp 0.4mm for clean hydrodynamics. The new range of fins adds speed and performance like never before.



    Reduces paper waste while protecting your board from dust, scratches, and UV damage. Made with stretchable polyester, it fits various board shapes. Ensure optimal board maintenance with the iconic blue Board Sock, featuring a secure drawstring closure.

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