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The largest GLIDERS are superb for pump foiling, featuring large high-aspect

wings for maximum glide and maximum flying efficiency. This package pairs them with the stiff 72cm V8 alloy mast, found to be the optimum length for the pump foil discipline.

Gliders are ideal for lakes, flat water foiling and connecting multiple smaller waves. The Glider 1700 brings huge lift and is great for pump foiling, ultra light wing wingfoiling. The 1400 works well for light weight riders for pump-foiling and also a sensible largest front wing for intermediate to advanced wing foilers.

The Glider's high aspect ratio and relatively straight leading edge increases flight efficiency for a maximum glide with less drag. The wings are relatively flat for maximum lift and pumping efficiency, with the asymmetrical foil profile section gradually reducing in thickness towards the wing tips for extra speed and glide. The High Aspect Ratio (H.A.R.) RAZR 250 tail wing was specially developed to pair with the high aspect ratio Glider front wings for the ultimate in flat-water flight performance.

Starboard Glider Foil, Pump Special. Glider 1400.

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