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Starboard Pro 7.5"x 26.75" Blue Carbon Pro, surf Sup. 2023,  

This is the premium Blue carbon Pro construction lighter again than Blue Carbon construction.

🏆 2 year of winning the best performance surf shape awarded by SUPBoarder Magazine, the PRO is now upgraded to the next level.

The completely new design gives more speed to set up and complete maneuvers, more hold through bottom turns in bigger surf and greater response.

New rocker is more forgiving on steeper drops, flatter deck feels less corky and new fin positions refine the control and drive through turns.

Thinner nose profile reduces swing weight for more radical snaps, thinner tail gives more bite and response through turns.

Starboard Pro 7.5"x 26.75" Blue Carbon Pro, Surf Sup. 2023

SKU: 8859687121520
£2,599.00 Regular Price
£1,799.00Sale Price

    “Super stoked about the new Pro range, I feel like we finally found the perfect high-performance shape, no more hesitation going for a big bottom turn, everything seems possible. That’s the result of many years of research and I’m loving it!” ~ Benoit Carpentier, Multiple Times SUP Surf World Champion

  • Length: 7’5″ / 226 cm

    Width: 26.75″ / 68 cm

    Feeling like a surfboard, the 7’5″ was a hit among testers for its ability to float riders up to 80kg, yet turn heads in performance! The narrow nose wants to whip through turns and allows you to sit deep in the pocket of waves. The higher nose rocker feels more forgiving, while the thin rails nose and tail feel ultra-responsive to foot pressure.

    92 Litres Volume with a max rider weight of 80 kg

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