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Starboard Pro 2023 8.2”x 29” in Blue Carbon Construction, was £2599.

Max rider weight 95KG volume 118 litres, Available late May.

 8’2″ x 29″ / 118L

Length: 8’2” / 249 cm

Width: 29” / 74 cm

The 8’2″ replaces the previous 8’0″, extending the length to catch waves that bit earlier and to hold its line in steeper drops. The 8’2″ at 118 L will be highly popular for riders up to 95kg. The new fin position gives you the needed bite and manoeuvrability, coupled with drive through turns!

Starboard Pro Blue Carbon 2023 8.2"x 29"

  • A brand new design enhances speed, manoeuvrability, and stability in various surfing conditions. The updated rocker provides more forgiveness on steep drops, while the flatter deck reduces the feeling of being buoyant. The refined fin positions improve control and drive during turns. With a thinner nose profile, the board becomes more agile for radical snaps, and the thinner tail enhances grip and response in turns.

    In terms of size options, there is now a slightly longer range available. Additionally, a smaller model measuring 6'10" has been introduced, specifically designed for lighter and more skilled riders. This model has a thinner and lower volume design and has been tested and approved by Riki Horikoshi from Japan.

    The Pro series is crafted with Blue Carbon Pro construction and features FCS 2 side fin boxes. On the other hand, the Limited series includes normal FCS side fin boxes.

    The PRO design is specifically tailored for experienced riders who are passionate about riding world-class waves.

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