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Starboard Sprint Expedition, A super fast touring board with stability and speed.

The Sprint 14’0″ x 29.5″ is designed for riders weighing up to 120 kg and seeking ultra-stability for long distance adventures.

Wood Carbon Construction.

Both new sizes offer a recessed bag storage area in front of the standing area with bungee tie downs to carry gear and supplies for ultra-distance races and long exploration paddles.


Starboard Sprint Expedition

SKU: 8859687121872
£2,249.00 Regular Price
£1,749.00Sale Price
  • Starboard Sprint Expedition, 14.0 x 27.5  and 14.0 x 29.5" Wood Carbon.  A very Limited Supply of this  sought after model due to demand being higher than expected world wide.

    The Explorers favourite board, load it up and travel at speed and ease with the glide of the racing sprint and the stability of 27.5  and 29.5" widths.

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