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The Starboard Hyper Nut is it the board for you?.

 Ok so you have all heard about the Hyper Nut and if you have not tried one you will wonder what its about. Here at SUP North Devon, we use all the sizes from th 6.10 to the 9.0 and have been doing so for a couple of years.

        We are great fans of the Hyper Nut and no matter which size we use they are always fun and easy to use from when its small to when the swell really does pick up. The design of the board with the wide tail allows even someone new to SUP surfing to get their back foot on to that tail pad which allows them to turn the board and maintain speed. This is not so easily done on a lot of other surf shapes.


The Hyper Nut is so stable for its short length which allows the rider to use a much shorter board than they would normally. This improves maneuverability. 

If you want any advice regarding the Hyper Nut please call us at SUP North Devon we will be happy to help.

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