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Here at SUP North Devon, we have been using the new Starboard Longboard and absolutely love it.

This model comes in two sizes the 10 x 29" at 123 litres and the 9 x 28" at 101 litres. The board feels more like a surfboard than a SUP to ride with, those surfboard type rails give the board control and grip on the face of the wave. 

With the tail rocker, you only have to think about turning and this board has already done it. We found paddling back out a dream and the glide from each paddle stroke meant it was much easier than we first thought. The thin rail shape and low nose rocker mean this board had very little issue going through the white water. Personally, I just sunk the nose and the white water passed over the top.

If you want to try this board just phone us or message us here or on Facebook and book a session.


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